Dawie Beyers after his admission in 1993 initially worked as a Professional Assistant at the practice where he served his articles of clerkship. After leaving said firm he practised in partnership until mid 1996 when he started his own firm. Dawie Beyers Attorneys has earned a prominent place in the legal profession since its founding in 1996. Our highly reputable services consist of a broad spectrum of disciplines in law. At Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. we provide outstanding service based on our individual client relationships. Our firm is small enough to care, but big enough to get results fast and efficiently.

Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. consists of 3 professional and 8 supporting personnel who are ready to offer their expertise and experience in their respective specialist disciplines. Our highly qualified individuals possess both the skills and resources to offer the best service at any time. Our team is trained to apply the highest standards of integrity synonymous to the firm and attend numerous seminars in their respective fields each year. Dawie Beyers has also presented numerous seminars in the past that dealt with family law and other disciplines in law.

Personal attention is given to each client every step of the way - no effort is spared to provide the best service and outcome. We pride ourselves in giving sound and informed advice that is fully dependable and conducive to long term client relationships. Our clients will never be lured into litigation on a false deliberation of the merits of their matter. Our client relationships are maintained with care, and clients are contacted regularly to keep them up to date on the state of their affairs. We remain conscious of the market and society and endeavour to anticipate and adapt to changes to best accommodate our clients.

We are BEE compliant and continually act in accordance with all legislation pertaining thereto. We are proud to provide a secure and stimulating working environment for all our staff by keeping abreast with advancement in technology and training.

We believe in transparency and personal service at all times.