Meet our dedicated team.


Johan Dawid Beyers - Director

As founder of Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc., Mr. Beyers has paved the way to ensuring the firm a prominent place in the legal profession. He has dedicated personal attention to each and every client and always goes the extra mile.

He has presented numerous seminars and radio programs in the past that dealt with family law as well as other disciplines in the law and established a good footing amongst his peers.

Lugene Annandale - Director

Lugene started her articles at Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. in 2013 and works in general practice, family law, commercial law, appeal matters, RAF matters, debt collection and arrears rental monies for Pam Golding Properties.

She became director in 2015 and helps manage the team and office to ensure that the best service possible is provided to each and every client. She is further also a registered estate agent and assists clients with property law matters.

Cindy Pestana - Consultant

Cindy graduated with a LLB degree from UNISA in 2006 andwas admitted as a Conveyancer in 2008. Cindy has experience in Property Transfers, Sheriff Transfers, Insolvency Transfers as well as Estate Late Transfers. She is the laughter in the office and brings a smile to all her work.

Cheryl-Lee Bezuidenhout - Consultant

Cheryl was employed as a Candidate Attorney by Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. in December 2013. After completing her articles she was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in February 2016 and continued working as a Professional Assistant. Cheryl is an admitted Notary Public and deals in general practice, litigation and specialises in the winding up of deceased estates.

Riana Redelinghuys - Candidate Legal Practitioner

Riana started as a candidate legal practitioner at the firm in May 2021 and will be finishing her articles of clerkship in 2022.

Since she has been working for the firm she has realised how much love and passion goes into law. 

She is an extrovert and has a passion for litigation and going above and beyond for the firm's clients at Court.

Tanya Dempers - Professional Assistant

Tanya started her employ at Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. as a Candidate Attorney in December 2016. After completion of her articles she was admitted as an Attorney and Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa in April 2019, whereafter she continued in the employ of the firm as a Professional Assistant.

Tanya works in general practice, family law, debt collection, insolvencies, taxing of bills and provides correspondent and notary services.

Bernice Horwitz - Legal Secretary

Bernice started at the firm 22 years ago and is still Mr. Beyers' dedicated personal assistant. Her work entails all legal services undertaken by the firm no matter when her time is required.

As she has been with Mr. Beyers for the last 22 years the staff and clients who know her refers to her as being part of the furniture. She sees it as a privilege to still work with Mr. Beyers and the staff of Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc.

Wilma Hitge - Conveyancing Secretary

Wilma has 25 years experience in the legal field. She has been with Dawie Beyers Attorneys since 2016. Wilma attends to meeting with clients, signing of agreements, attending to transfers and registrations of Title Deeds for properties in Mohlakeng ext 5 Township. She workd closely with her clients and takes pride in her work.

Nadia Vorster - Receptionist

Nadia started at Dawie Beyers Attorneys Inc. in 2018 as the receptionist. Nadia is our first business contact you will meet at our firm when you phone us or drop by our office for an appointment, enquiry or just to say hello. Her professional appearance, polished demeanor and friendliness will make you feel right at home.

Melissa Maree - Professional Assistant

Melissa started as a candidate legal practitioner at the firm in November 2018. Since then she has been working together with staff and goes above and beyond to ensure outstanding customer service. She has a passion for law and psychology and combines the two to assist firm with a wide range of family law and commercial matters. Melissa was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in May 2021 and stayed in the employ of the firm.

During her time at the firm Mel

Dick Maubane - Messenger

Ronel du Plessis - Legal Secretary

Ronel is a legal secretary who joined our firm in March 2020 to assist Mr. Beyers with the burdens placed upon him as attorney in the busy and demanding field of law. She has over 15 years experience which includes third party claims, family law, insolvency law and general litigation. Ronel loves helping people and will always assist with a smile.